Position: Research Associate

Role and Purpose:

Novel Biotechnology Inc. has an opening for a Research Associate to join our growing R&D team in Winnipeg, MB working on a wide range of product development programs including the platform technology for manufacturing pharmaceutical & biopharmaceutical products. The individual will have a diverse set of molecular biology and genetic engineering skills with significant experience in PCR based molecular cloning, PCR based recombination techniques, nucleic acid recombinant DNA technologies, analytical method development, next-generation sequencing (NGS) techniques, site-directed mutagenesis, RNA or protein synthesis, DNA and viral vector design and engineering. The individual must be comfortable with yeast or bacterial cloning, manipulating primary & immortalized mammalian cell-lines, genetic modification of cells and perform wide range of cell-based assays (if required). The successful candidate must be adaptable, work well with people from a diverse interdisciplinary background, and able to multi-task with excellent critical thinking with attention to detail and a track record of successful research contribution or significant industrial R&D research will be an asset.

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Perform routine repetitive operations related to manufacturing nucleic acids and associated compendial and non-compendial analytical testing
  • Contribute to a wide range of product development programs including gene editing, cell engineering, nucleic acid and protein manufacturing platforms developed by Novel Biotechnology Inc.
  • Support Scientist in establishing new techniques in-house, perform routine iterative operations supporting internal and external collaborations
  • Responsible for designing and conducting experiments with input from the assigned supervisor
  • Collect and analyze experimental data, present data at meetings, provide conclusions and outline future work plans
  • Troubleshoot experiments and identify abnormal or unexpected trends in data
  • Support all technical documentation related to projects and product development
  • Perform task supporting contract research and contract manufacturing when required
  • Provide technical support to staff and customers (product use, protocols) as needed
  • Set up, calibrate and perform routine maintenance on specialized laboratory equipment
  • Ensure that the necessary laboratory supplies are available and perform tasks related to supporting the operation of the laboratory
  • May be required to perform other related duties as needed or assigned

Minimum Level of Education:

  • Recent MSc in Molecular Biology, Biochemistry, Biotechnology and Pharmaceutical Sciences
  • BSc in the Life Sciences (e.g. Molecular biology, Biochemistry, Biotechnology and Pharmaceutical Sciences) with significant laboratory experience may be considered

Qualifications/trainings Required: (e.g. certificates of specific training) 

  • NA

Prior Experience Required: (e.g. years or managing people)

  • Recent 1- 3 years of hands-on lab-based experience in a Molecular Biology laboratory
  • Experience working in pharma or biotech industry would be advantageous

Technical Skills Required: (e.g. computer skills, ability to use specific equipment)

  • Ability to independently design, conduct, analyze and troubleshoot experiments
  • Experience in developing DNA based expression vectors for mRNA and protein synthesis
  • Experience in working with both prokaryotic and eukaryotic cells
  • Experience with a wide-range of laboratory techniques including flow-cytometry, live-cell imaging, electroporation, ELISA, gel electrophoresis, qPCR, etc.
  • Experience in working with nucleic acids (e.g. plasmid DNA, mRNA, siRNA)
  • Sound understanding of genetic & epigenetic mechanism of prokaryotic and/or eukaryotic gene expression
  • Experience with FPLC and bioinformatic software tools as well as statistical analyses of experimental data is an asset

Skills and Competencies Required: (e.g. analytical and reporting skills, communication, teamwork, problem solving, etc.)

  • Excellent communication skills (verbal and written) both in one-on-one and in a group setting with the ability to organize and present technical summaries of scientific data
  • The individual must be a team player who thrives in a dynamic environment with multiple tasks and aggressive deadlines
  • Must be a resourceful, proactive, detail-oriented individual who is willing to learn and able to work with minimum supervision

Amount of Travel Required:

  • Less than 10%


  • NA

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