NBx™ Platform

The NBx™ technology platform is a “Made in Canada” proprietary next-generation bacterial cell factory system that enables the synthesis of endotoxin-free plasmids and proteins for a wide range of applications including therapeutic biopharmaceutical and nutraceutical.

One of the critical characteristics of NBx™ Platform is the speed at which the platform allows for the synthesis of plasmid and protein compared to the traditional platforms.

NBe™ Platform

The NBe™ technology platform is a proprietary high precision gene-editing process to manipulate genome of prokaryotic organisms. NBe™ platform was developed as a spin-off of the knowledge and expertise gained from our proprietary NBx™ platform development. We can precisely engineer metabolic pathways, knock out unwanted genes, and develop hyperproductive cell factories using our proprietary gene-editing platform.

The NBe™ technology allow for potential biopharmaceutical, biochemical and nutraceutical products of economic value using prokaryotic based cell factories.

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