Novel Biotechnology

What We Do

Plasmid Engineering, revolutionized

Our Mission

Novel Biotechnology (Biologics) is a technology company with a mission to develop high throughput bacterial platforms in the biotechnology domain. We have selected the plasmid DNA and gene therapy space as our first vertical.

Our Challenge

Plasmid DNA (pDNA) signifies a critical starting point for many genetic engineering tasks.
Continued progress in the gene therapy and DNA/RNA based therapeutic space has led to bottlenecks and growing demands for reliable pDNA material suitable for all applications.

Our Solution

We are developing a high throughput platform that is safer, scalable, adaptable to different plasmid backbones, yields higher quality plasmids, and is many times more productive than E.coli.

Antibiotic free

Process pDNA without relying on antibiotics.

Scalable high throughput

2-17 times more productive than E.Coli based technology.

Plasmid Power

Capable of handling large and complex plasmid constructs.

Fast Cycle Times

Cycle times can be reduced from months to weeks.

Straight-forward Implementation

No major changes to your current manufacturing infrastructure required.

Bacterial Based

Platform is entirely bacterial based, meaning no regulatory hurdles.

Custom Plasmid DNA Manufacturing

  • Vector and gene construct design
  • Gene library synthesis
  • Cloning & bacterial transformation
  • Small scale plasmid propagation and purification

Recombinant Enzyme Manufacturing


  • Expression Vector Construct design and synthesis
  • Producer cell propagation
  • Scale up process development & technology transfer

Custom RNA Manufacturing


  • Non-replicating and replicating mRNA
  • Construct design & synthesis
  • Cell-free IVT & Capping DoE optimization

Nucleic Acids & Protein Analysis

  • DNA & RNA sequencing
  • Capillary Electrophoresis
  • Agarose and denaturing Agarose Gel electrophoresis
  • PCR based assays
  • Colorimetric and Fluorometric based assay
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